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The landscape of church planting is rapidly changing right before our eyes. In response to the fluidity of the culture that surrounds us, church planters are needing to think differently about how they should approach their calling. Rather than asking, “How do I plant a sustainable church?” many are beginning to ask instead, “How do I become sustainable as a church planter?”

Enter social entrepreneurship. Intrepid is about combining the twin forces of church planting and social entrepreneurship––where the gospel is proclaimed and lived out, where neighborhoods and communities find new hope for the future through job creation and economic development, and where church planters create avenues for long-term sustainability.

The goal of this book is to set the course for a new way forward for church planters. Regardless of the cultural and societal contexts church planters find themselves in, how well are they being equipped and trained for the tasks at hand? What skills and tools are they missing that would help them meet these new challenges? The changes taking place are so fundamental that we even need to redefine who or what a church planter actually is.



"In Intrepid, Sean Benesh takes a fresh look at the age-old struggle of how those in ministry can support themselves while building the kingdom. Sean's innovative approach goes a step further than "tent-making," demonstrating how church planters can be catalysts for holistic transformation in fragile communities. Sean will expand your thinking on the purpose and methods of church planting, demonstrating practical ways church planters can creatively bring the whole gospel to communities. Those who plant churches are entrepreneurs at heart. Sean's approach provides an inspiring blueprint to channel that entrepreneurship into sharing the gospel in word, in deed, and to empower human flourishing." –– Beth Sethi, MBA, Nonprofit Capacity Builder and Adjunct Professor of Global Development, Multnomah University

“I love what Sean is unpacking in this little book, especially since I know that he’s processed all of this in his own life and ministry. I truly wish I’d read a book like this to encourage me toward this type of ministry years ago, but I’m deeply thankful that it’s now out there to encourage future missionaries to the “uncool” places to do ministry that doesn’t look like church work alone. The truth is that this type of ministry thinking will soon be necessary if we’re to continue to engage deeply as Christians in the United States. I can attest that God has worked through my church, but also through the businesses and community connection points that my community and I have developed over time. It didn’t always feel like ministry, but looking back it’s clear that God truly pulls the pieces together.” –– Andy Littleton, Pastor of Mission Church and Owner of Midtown Artisans in Tucson, AZ

“I’ve long been a fan of anything and everything Benesh writes. He’s a voice in the desert, a clarion call to what’s coming. It’s time to make way for how God wants to come into our communities, and Intrepid is like a highway. The fact that Benesh is a thinking practitioner gives him an edge in the conversation and makes this book worth paying attention to.” –– Peyton Jones, author of Reaching The Unreached and Church Zero


Chapter Outline:

Foreword by Brad Brisco

  1. The Gospel in the Desert
  2. Social Entrepreneurialism and Church Planting
  3. North America as a New Frontier
  4. The New Frontier
  5. Church Planting in the New Frontier
  6. Where Did We Veer Off Course?
  7. What Are We Doing?
  8. Where Are We Going?
  9. What is Missing?
  10. Who Are You?
  11. Pulling the Pieces Together