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Metrospiritual: The Geography of Church Planting (2011)

Metrospiritual: The Geography of Church Planting is about church planting in the city. There is an outpouring of new expressions of church being started throughout metro areas across North America. Where are these new churches being started? Maybe a more subterranean question is, "Why"? Why are churches being started where they are and why is there is a bias towards one part of the city and an overall neglect of other parts? Metrospiritual explores these questions and more as it builds off of recent research and surveys of hundreds of church planters in seven large cities in the United States and Canada. There is a deeper look at pivotal issues such as gentrification, the Creative Class, community transformation, urban renewal, and the role new churches play in all of these.




"It is important for church planters who hope to affect their cities to put on new glasses. Sean Benesh has successfully provided such a tool. By looking at not only the raw data of a city but its life its laments as well as what brings joy along with a deep theological impetus, we are brought into the grand and possible challenge of planting in an urban context. Both needed and timely!" -- Rob Fairbanks, President, Christian Associates International

"I really enjoyed Sean Benesh's Metrospirtual: The Georgraphy of Church Planting. I found it fresh, challenging, and comprehensive of things that are critical in selecting and identifying the community in which to work and the issues at play in the community. I highly recommend every church planter to devour it slowly." -- Bob Roberts Jr., Senior Pastor NorthWood Church, author of Bold as Love and The Multiplying Church

"In recent decades there have been a number of helpful books on church planting. They generally fall into two categories: a successful church planter who presents a formula or a technical approach that is highly theoretical. Sean Benesh avoids both extremes. His approach is both accessible and based on good research. Throughout the book there are many personal anecdotes drawn from his own church-planting experiences in a number of cities. His concern is for the urban context. He knows how to exegete the city. And he identifies the Creative class as a primary group to engaged because they shape the culture and set a course for the future of the location. It is rare to find an author who is both a skilled practitioner and an academically trained theoretician." -- Eddie Gibbs, Senior Professor of Church Growth, Fuller Theological Seminary, author of The Rebirth of the Church and Emerging Churches


Chapter Outline:

  1. Cultural Foundations
  2. Biblical Foundations
  3. Urban Renaissance
  4. The Geography of Church Planting
  5. Motives for Site Selection in Church Planting
  6. Community Transformation
  7. The Nature of the City
  8. Church Planting and the Creative Class
  9. Metrospiritual